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1 Questions about my ICE CREAM order
1.1 What if there is something in the shake that I don't want in the shake?

Simply state in the notes section after checkout any alterations to the shake you want to make. If there is more than 1 shake on the order please specify which shake you would like altered.

Example: no graham cracker, strawberry cobbler

1.2 What if I don't want whipped cream and/or cherry?

Simply state in the notes section after checkout that you do not want whipped cream and/or cherry.

Example: no whipped cream

1.3 Why can't I find the specialty shake I want?

We do not have all of our specialty shakes listed at the moment. In order to add them as an option we need images of the shakes. Once we get the images for the shake it will be added. You are still able to order all the shakes in store.

1.4 When can I expect my order?

Due to the store being closed on Mondays no orders will be completed on that day. 

Ice cream products will be completed upon arriving at the store. (We don't want your ice cream to melt before you arrive.) You can call or text at (615)498-1542 to let us know when you have arrived. Please state your name in the text so we know which order to bring out. 

Ice cream orders will not be fulfilled before or after store hours. 

1.5 If I order more than 1 type of ice cream, how will you know which one to put the toppings on?

If you are ordering any toppings, after check out there is a NOTES option, state what ice cream products get which topping. It's very important to let us know what ice cream gets which topping if you have selected more than 1 flavor of ice cream.